Sinai Safari Adventures was set up in 2008 by Tim Bigham and Janet Howe, and we have a wealth of experience in tourism in Sharm el Sheikh making us the number one, small independent tour company.

Hard work and strife, with the full operation of our own company and a policy of being on call ourselves 24/7, has set us aside from other companies and we have come through the ranks to be very successful and have an excellent reputation in the resort .Our excellent team of Egyptian staff have been trained to work the European way and understand what is expected of them and the high standards needed to be maintained daily.

Being British ourselves we have a greater understanding of handling expectations of British guests which is our main market, but our reputation means we have the opportunity of looking after many other nationalities. Alongside our own internet business we also work for some major UK and worldwide travel companies.

We are proud to say our company has been covered in the national newspapers from time to time, we have given numerous BBC radio interviews and done several live television interviews for Sky TV.